About GalaxC

Welcome to GalaxC, an exciting and game-changing e-marketplace designed to address the frustrations faced by consumers and providers while sourcing and booking services.

How Providers (ProMembers) benefit from using GalaxC’s platform for booking new jobs –

In today’s competitive marketplace where technology is providing Consumers with the ability to research and identify value for money, service providers need to leverage this technology and ensure they deliver high quality, reliable and cost-competitive services.

  • Virtually unlimited, free qualified leads from ‘purchase ready’ customers.
  • Get bookings/sale, not just leads.
  • No web-sites needed and related costs of SEO, PPC etc.
  • Ability for top rated providers to win repeat business.
  • Greatly reduces your marketing and advertising spend and increases the productivity of your business. More

So what are the costs?

Service Providers only pay a nominal subscription fee for the use of the GalaxC platform and a small success fee for jobs won.