Why Is Early Registration

  • It will pay to get a head-start on your competition, by registering early and providing quality services that will build up your quality ratings when satisfied customers provide good feedback. This way you get to even charge a premium for the services you provide, while other providers who are new to the system will have to discount their costs to build their ratings and catch up in the race to win new business.
  • Also, there will be fewer competitors, in the beginning. As the word spreads about the advantages of using GalaxC. Com such as the low costs, free leads, only winner pays, market intelligence and online webless presence offered by GalaxC, early adopters will definitely ahead of the followers.
  • Competition is also easier in the beginning because, followers will start with lower Ratings and will have to build up their ratings or discount their prices to be able to compete. However, quality service providers will continue to win jobs at premium rates from customers looking for quality service.
  • Many of the incentives such as additional / extended FREE subscriptions through the referral system are promotional and may be withdrawn when the membership exceeds the critical mass. This period will help early adopters to get to know the GalaxC system and use Free Trial periods to their best advantage to win more jobs, when the competition increases.