Get free quotes before you buy or book a service; Providers don't like to waste time for unproductive visits. Let us help you both.

How it works

Consumers or appointment seekers register / log on to the site and use the search facility to research or short-list the service providers. Or drectly request quotes or seek appointments (however, early registration is recommended).

Providers can offer you fixed, variable (hourly rates) or approx quotes (for short-listing them for long-term jobs that require more information or meetings / visits before finalising a fixed quote).

Depending on the keyword or service requested, a form is filled in with the necessary details so that the providers can offer a fixed quote or suitable time slots as the case may be.

Providers offer fixed quotes for standard services* (defined on the website). Some can also offer variable quotes (a Minimum fee based on hourly rates and callout or inspection fee) for non standard jobs. For certain jobs (long term, non standard jobs, for which a meeting is necessary for determining an accurate quote), providers can give a min - max range based on the preliminary information. Consumers can review the providers and short -list them to two or three for getting fixed quote.

Consumers can choose AUTO or Manual method of selecting the bidder when all the bids are displayed on the same page. In both cases the list will be arranged in a ranked order for standard jobs; for non-standard long term jobs, the consumer has to shortlist two-three providers who can give fixed quotes after gathering more information.

After the transaction is concluded , both sides get 7 days to offer feedback.

Note that: rankings are based on 'EDV' score which is generated by our proprietary method considering all relevant criteria (providers reliability, quoted price and also on customer's preferences). The default settings offer a fair balance between various factors.

How much? (it costs)

The service costs nothing to the service seeker (buyer / consumer). The provider, however pays a low or very reasonable fee (when the powerful features are compared to what is offered by the competition).

The fees comprise subscription fees and success fee. Satisfaction guarantee means any unused (balance) subscription and deposits are refundable*

Two types of subscription fee:

  • Listing fees or ordinary membership (normally $10pm to $50 pm) depending on territory and (b) PRO membership fee (flat fee, maximum of of $25pm when
  • Listing fees - to be found in the search function on the website and directly contacted by the consumers. Range from $10 per month to $40 per month ($100pa to $400 pa) - depending on the territory sought which is not exclusive but open to any provider. This does not include indrect RFQ alerts or appointment requests from prospective or purchase ready consumers. However, this is offered free to all providers for at least one year if they register before launch date.
  • PRO membership Fees: This allows providers to get indirect RFQ / Appointment alerts but direct contact information including own website will not be shown. This does provide a micro website with important information to consumers. Fees will be set at maximum of $25pm or $250pa and will include an account with password protection, dashboard with scheduler and free leads between 5 to 25 depending on the category of business, irrespective of the territory. During the Promo / Trial period, all leads are free on the Net. The leads although seem limited in number are in fact virtually unlimited as every lead / RFQ that is quoted or responded to help the consumer will be instantly replaced (naturally the wasted leads are gone reducing the balance by the same number - However, additional leads can be bought that won't expire)
  • PRO members wanting Directory Listing as well pay half the Listing fee - when listing fees become applicable (free for the first year, but very affordable later)
  • Success Fee: Only successful candidates pay a small success fee starting at 3.5% and falling to less than 1% for big transactions. While no deposit is required for the first success, payment is required along with a deposit of $25 if they wish to continue the membership and compete with bidding. The deposit is refundable*. After the trial period is over, subscription fees become due - payable on a monthly basis or with attractive discounts quarterly or yearly.
      Fees for Optional services
    • Additional leads purchase that don't expire. Cost between $1 to $3 to bid, NIL to receive leads online. Pre purchase Extra leads when monthly included leads are exhausted.
    • Mobile SMS / email Alert: Credits based* Alerts 1 credit per SMS / email, Leads:
    • Success Fee deposit $25 Minimum (Top up reminder at $10)
    • Others??