“Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Fairness are core values that we cherish and seek to propagate through our products and associations.”- GalaxC Founders.

GalaxC Differentiators

Procurement Solution Features Business Directories Lead Generators Price Comparison Search Engines Galaxc.com
Platform for dynamic exchange between Requestor and multiple Providers in real-time, useful for Urgent sourcing / delivery.
No voice calls to be made or required for booking urgent as well as non-urgent standard services.
Level Playing field: Automated Opportunity Alerts sent by GalaxC application to all matched and available Providers – from ‘ready-to-buy’ customers. Not reserved for only the first two or three interested providers.
Automated and transparent evaluation and ranking of bids from multiple providers for standard services to assist customers with their decision making
Display of bid results to all parties involved in the transaction - for transparency and market intelligence purposes. (Confidentiality is maintained at all times and names not revealed.)
Preference tool to consumers to set collective preference criteria for price, quality, and time-frames for service delivery to match with ProMember provider profiles.
Objective Rating feedback from previous customers used by the application for automated evaluation and ranking of bids promoting better standards in the marketplace.
Businesses get virtually unlimited FREE qualified leads / RFQs in real time from ‘Purchase ready’ consumers.
Flexibility & Choice (Providers choose your Territory and type of customers / quote requests etc.)