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About Us

We are an Australian Company with a community focus. We aim to deliver better solutions for both the consumers and businesses through research and innovation.

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Our Product / Service

A revolutionary Marketing and lead generation Solution for businesses and a game changing sourcing solution for consumers and buyers that sets new high standards. It increases efficiency and productivity by saving time, reducing cost - and all this with increased convenience, transparency and peace of mind.

Our Vision

To build a popular brand and be the preferred online market place for the global community.

Our Misssion

To provide innovative products to save time and money for all, to improve productivity of all our members, build trust in the community through mutual respect, transparent and proceses and real but fair competition on level palying field.

Our Values

Truth, Integrity, Fairness

Our policies / charter

Pricing Policy, Refund policy

(a) To empower the Consumer, the service is offered free. To attract and encourage the maximum number of providers to compete, we will reduce the burden of marketing and advertising costs on the Businesses.
(b) We will price our products not only very reasonably and but also make it affordable to more and more small businesses - so the consumers will have huge choice.
(c) When we introduce new prodcts, our low cost incentive will not be offered to new members alone; but also to our exisiting, loyal customers.
(d) We will always offer a 5% discount to our founding members in every market (who join before we launch our service).